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"I’ve been working this conference for the last 13 years and that was the best Keynote we’ve ever had. The interaction was amazing. And they don’t give a standing ovation for just anyone. This was something special."

  1. I loved you presentation! Very inspiring!

  2. I loved your presentation. It was very heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey and experiences.

  3. Wonderful presentation, I'm a retired special ed teacher and my graduating students would love to have heard a message like this!!

  4. Lots of fun:)

  5. Eye opening! So amazing!!

  6. Thank you for the inspo! ♥️♥️

  7. You actually blew my mind with your art! Some of the coolest shit I've ever seen!!!! Sorry but WOW!!!! SO TALENTED!! Way to take a potential negative and create such a POSITIVE! GREAT MESSAGE !!! Can't wait to share all about you!!! I want all 5 of my kids to know about you!!!!! Applicable to all people of all ages!!! THANK YOU!!!! 

  8. Unbelievable! You are the coolest! Thank you for your message

  9. You are an amazing artist and I appreciate your talk on how to embrace limitations. I struggle with this daily and it was great to see how you were able to do it in your life. 

  10. It was AMAZING!

  11. A++

  12. I thought you were AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your story, your passion and your talent.

  13. Your Art presentation BLEW ME AWAY!!!! Thank you so much and you have earned a new fan for life!! 👍🏽

  14. I love your art and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your presentation. Thank you for sharing your gift

  15. You're incredible!

  16. Your artwork is fabulous, how you are able to take various mediums and create a larger picture out of small one.. great inspiration, thank you for sharing your skills with us!

Disability Advocacy Group

  1. Amazing!!!! I have been to over 100 conferences in my career, this by far has been the best! Your presentation brought everything home! Enjoyed every minute of it!!! Thank you!!! So glad your kicking it off tomorrow!!

  2. Thank you for your book. I love it! Your presentation was excellent. As not only a Case Manager I am also a Parent. The story makes your Art come more alive than just the eyes can see alone. You are very impressive

  3. Your art and use of different non-traditional items is magnificent!!! 

  4. It was neat to see toy create the art work and I look forward to seeing your final piece

  5. I really enjoyed your presentation! It was a lot of fun!

  6. U r a very good motivational speaker. Ur art work is amazing. I love the positive words u spoke. #Art on

  7. The art made me get out of my comfort zone. Having a nerve disorder myself I had to realize regular knitting wouldn't work for me so I taught myself how to loom knit

  8. One of the better motivational/inspirational sessions I have experienced in quite a while! And please believe me, I have seen some great ones! I'm impressed that you were able to overcome your challenges and physical barriers, to create and make such incredible art! Impressive stuff! I'm an art geek, and I am truly moved by your creativity! The destructive aspects are hard to follow! (Kurt!!! No!!!) But I think I get it! Stay on the Edge! Keep up the Gr8 Work! Thank you for what you do!

  9. Very good presentation, your art is very creative

  10. It was neat to see toy create the art work and I look forward to seeing your final piece

  11. It was neat to see toy create the art work and I look forward to seeing your final piece

  12. You did an AWESOME job!! Thank you for sharing your gift with so many others!! (I have no art skills BUT you are still an inspiration for me!!)

  13. Your presentation was awesome! Art and music in health is healing. The work you do is entertaining and soothing.

  14. It was fabulous! And funny you described my conversation with my art partner almost verbatim. 🤣 The message was spot on to embrace our limitations. Thank you for sharing with us!

  15. Your presentation was great

  16. You are amazing Phil, the art the presentation your journey touched my heart. Made me do some thinking about a dream I gave up on...I'm going to revisit that dream as soon as I get home. Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to see what you come up with tomarrow morning..much love and mad respect my dude 🙌💥👊💥

  17. Wonderful Thanks 🙏 for the great 👍 job.

  18. Thank you for reaching out. First of all I was inspired by your overcoming spirit and your ability to share that spirit with others to help them move toward healing. —- I serve a man who paints with 1 foot and I can't wait to get back to work and share you with him! I loved how you created art from people's stories. —- I wrote this in my notes-Lisa remember when you are faced with a challenge, a limitation and you find yourself looking for external resources-looking outside yourself you are slipping into mind numbing, self limiting belief. Lisa the challenging times can bring you back to yourself, tap your internal resources and you will naturally move forward. Always look for the possibilities. SEIZE the LIMITATION!

  19. It was awesome!

  20. You are Amazing! Your Gift bring a different meaning to Art. You have exemplified the ability to overcome when faced with physical challenge. That speaks volumes to the community we serve. I pray that you continue to allow your light to shine. You are a INSPIRATION❤️

  21. Very inspiring!!!!!!!!

  22. You were energetic and engaging. An incredible journey. The drawing was so much fun. As someone who says "I can't " to being artistic, you took minimized my anxiety. I look forward to hearing from you again this morning.

  23. Your art is an outlet for expression, but what stood out for me is its value for releasing emotions. What a gift!

  24. Your presentation was by far my favorite!!! I came home to tell my entire family all about it... Can't wait for tomorrow, thanks for sharing

  25. I am an up and coming author. I grew up in a rough situation and had ADHD and missed a lot of the basics in school, but I made it through and even got a masters degree. I started writing books about about three or four years ago. I have struggled with editing and been tempted to spend thousands of dollars on editing. I heard an authors story about having trouble with grammar etc and he made to choice to write his way and he now is a number one author. When I heard your talk I was inspired to be me in my writing and let it speak for its self. Thank you!

  26. The art was amazing

  27. Love your enginuity, positivity and inspirational message and Art. So glad you where able to bring your creativity to new heights challenging all to think and accomplish the impossible!!!👍😊 Well Done 👏 

  28. It was amazing

  29. I loved your story! Adapt and overcome. I had a hulk fist that said retire because I had to retire early from the fire department but it landed me my second dream job. I love how my story has turned out.

  30. It was sooooo good!!! Thank you so much! I loved hearing your stories and hearing about Sara. I had breast cancer a few years ago. I lost all of my hair too. I can relate!!

  31. It was my favorite session. I am a creative person and love to see others work. It was great.

  32. much heart in every aspect of your work and your presentation. Thank you for sharing with us!!! 🥰

  33. My whole crew absolutely loved the presentation! So look forward to reading the book!
    The presentation was AMAZING. I loved the ideas (even though I'm not great at art I love it and I try really hard). The message that went along with your art is inspiring and uplifting. I got your book and I'm excited to go through it. I'm also going to listen to your tedtalks.

  34. I Loved the Presentation, I think you are an Amayzing man and very talented. You have inspired me so much , Thank you

  35. The presentation was empowering to me. I have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and a variety of other health issues. I have let it hold me back and bring me down. It was empowering and a reminder that I am not my diagnosis-I am a person and capable of a lot more than I've given myself credit for.

  36. Interactive, and enjoyable

Financial Company User event

  1. Eye opening, thank you 😊

  2. Really loved the message and the interactivity!

  3. Thanks for the inspiring presentation.  Enjoyed your art and messages.  Embrace the shake will stay with me.  All the best.  And looking forward to the art.

  4. Loved your message! My own limitation is battling with imposter syndrome - it's something I'm actively working on with coaching every day. You're amazingly talented and I wish you nothing but the best. 

  5. Love your creativity and spirit! Thanks for bringing art into our day. Corporate America would benefit from bringing creative play into the daily routine of work.

  6. I enjoyed the presentation.  It was a nice, interesting way to finish the day.

  7. I loved it Phil and really enjoyed the interaction with you and the other attendees. I showed the Sarah video to my wife and also sent it to my daughter

  8. Awesome art! Fun presentation! You seem like a genuine good and inspirational person.

  9. I was so inspired by you and your art. So much food for thought. Your message of the self imposed limitations and working on giving up perfectionism resonated with me. So glad to have heard your story.

  10. I loved your presentation! You are very talented and have a very creative mind!

  11. Had a blast! Great presentation! You hit the nail on the head about virtually everything you spoke about. My son was born with a birth defect and immediately I connected as you told your story. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Amazing, Impressive, very talented. Thank you

  13. Loved the presentation! Interaction with the audience was awesome! You have an inspiring story and are extremely talented and creative. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us! I appreciate you and the confidence you are giving to others to help them grow their stories 😊

  14. I thought your presentation was amazing!!  Your art work is incredible-I wish I had grabbed a picture of Nikola Tesla!

Health Insurance Group

  1. A fabulously fateful encounter! After your talk I'm actually looking forward to embracing my shake! Thank you so very much. All the best to you.

  2. Your work is amazing and inspiring.

  3. Amazing and incomprehensible how your ideas transform into visible art. I feel inspired to pursue my artistic dreams. Thank you for sharing your story. The group experience was awesome!!!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation

  5. What an inspiration you are! Thank you for sharing your story and your art with us!! We had a great time with you!

  6. The presentation and the Art was very good. The message was awesome and thank you for sharing, appreciate it

  7. Really enjoyed the presentation and had a great appreciation for your work. Look forward to seeing what you do next. Best wishes & have a great day!

  8. The presentation was awesome! I truly enjoyed the message.

Leadership Association

  1. You were amazing very inspiring.  You are so talented yet so humble. Thank you for sharing your story today and really creating history through art amazing.

  2. Ur presentation sir was anazing! Insightful, light, practical, realistic and fun ............ just like ur art. U should have opened the conference.

  3. High light of the week. Thank you.

  4. You provided an incredible and thought provoking message! One of the most engaging conference presentations in years. Thank you for your work,  insight and courage. You have an inspiring message!!!

  5. Great presentation

  6. Thank you for sharing your creativity! It was fun, creative and engaging experience. Keynote: It is a hard work to find that creativity within.

  7. You are a genius! I love the interactive doodling activities 👍. Well done! 👏🏻

  8. Amazing!  Captivating!  Awe inspiring!  Great work!

  9. I initially thought I would be bored 😴. It was such an excellent experience listening h  the your message limitations and self-limiting belief. The artwork was inspiring. I'm not very creative but I am beginning to think I just need to believe to achieve. Looking forward to seeing the art created during your session. I wish more folks had stayed and attend this session. Thank you.

  10. Loved it!! Inspiring

  11. Awesome job! Totally encouraging. Already bought the book. Thank you!

  12. Love your story, your presentation and your message!   My favorite presention of the entire conference.  Well done and your work is not only amazing but very inspiring.

  13. Thank you so much. I love to hear about people's journey. It us very inspiring to me. Helps me feel connected. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Thank you for an excellent presentation today! It was rejuvenating and bucket filling. Your vulnerability has given us courage to go out into the world with intention to embrace the difference within ourselves and others. Thank you for showing us with your art!

  15. I enjoyed your presentation! What a great way to end the conference!

  16. It was fabulous!  It was great that the program was interactive!  So great to end the conference on a positive and high note!  Thank you!

  17. It was GREAT - you made us laugh and we needed that!

  18. Thank you. Very inspiring presentation today!

  19. It was awesome!!

  20. Wonderful and inspiring way to end the conference!  Thank you 🙏

  21. I thought the presentation was superb. Thank you.

  22. You were fantastic!  Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Very inspiring.  My take away...push beyond my perceived limitations...I'm the only one holding back me and ultimately my teams. Thank you for sharing your story, wisdom and every changing talent ❤️

  24. First, Thank you!  Thank you for your story and for sharing your lessons with us. It was an absolutely fantastic presentation!!  I'm already looking for innovations in the limitations that I've encountered since I left the talk!  This is life-changing stuff. 💕

  25. Loved it. Thank you!

  26. Yeah. You were awesome. The presentation was right on point. Barriers should never prevent people from forward thinking or learning and definitely does not mean we stop to grow personally or professionally. Great job.

  27. THANK YOU for a very inspiring, uplifting, and powerful presentation! Your humility is so evident and it makes your presentation "human." Looking forward to more presentations from you! 🙏🏽

  28. Thank you!! So enjoyed your session!!

  29. You are so engaging and highly entertaining. I truly appreciate you and I hope to hear and see more of your work.  Take care!

  30. Very inspiring

  31. LOVED your presentation. Art has always been a passion of mine and nursing is the art of caring. You mentioned real vs perceived limitations. One example I thought of is imposter syndrome. Thanks for speaking with us and sharing your creativity.

  32. You are truly inspirational. I loved the talk, the incorporation of the audience producing art, pushing some out of their comfort zone, and collaborating to create! In what can be a very serious profession I think it was just what we all needed to use something else in our minds and remind us to think differently. A call out to all of us to think differently about our (self or even health conditional) limitations. I am grateful I had the opportunity to hear you and work with you today. Thank you, truly thank you.

  33. Wonderful presentation. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story!

  34. It was absolutely inspiring and fantastic.  Thank you so much!

  35. The presentation was life changing . First , I have never met , (not saying there aren't any )anyone as talented as yourself. Second the inspiration to empower ourselves to look past our own self imposed limitations. And now to have the new knowledge on how to look at things from differ angles and maybe besides using it in our own lives , help be change agents in the lives of others .. truly empowering . Thank you . Thank you. Thank you !

  36. It was amazing!  One of the most engaging presentations for the entire conference!

  37. The presentation was wonderful. Thank you so much for helping me see limitations can empower.

  38. Thank you for your inspiring words and will use your content to inspire others.

  39. It was the most engaging and thought provoking presentation I have attended in a while. I would like to add to my biggest challenge which I wrote “birth” because after having 4 pregnancies 3 resulting in live births I am faced with the decision to have one more which is my dream or wait to continue to grow our family due to financial debt that makes the decision of continue now unwise. Thank you for giving me space to write this down and speak it out loud. This is the limitation that I will work through to find Gods will in this area and season of my motherhood journey. Thank you for sharing your story with so many!

  40. I loved the interactive experience and can't wait to see how it all comes together. My takeaways are to embrace the challenges and get back to "what if". Then you for an incredible experience.

  41. Great presentation. Would be interested in having you speak at our state annual meeting.

  42. The session was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed how you engaged the audience so we were not just sitting and listening.  After three days of sitting and listening, your session was a terrific way to end the conference.

  43. We absolutely love it! A group of us were discussing during lunch! Thank you. :-)

  44. Your presentation was amazing.  I enjoyed the interactions.   The energy was present throughout the one hour +.

  45. LOVED your presentation!! Absolutely my style and how I like to run my staff meetings! I'm so excited to take ideas back to my teams and am so grateful for the inspiration! Thank you!!

  46. Omgosh today presentation was truly amazing so inspiring and uplifting. By far filled my cup after listening to you. Buying the book for myself and a few of staff members

  47. Excellent presentation and showing the power of creativity, looking at the problem from a different angle and adapting to unforeseen changes! Wish I have more time with drawing and I would like to suggest a workshop program with you😁👍🏽

  48. It was amazing, so inspiring! Thank you!!! You are so talented. ❤️ Wish I would've stayed to get a signed copy of the book.

  49. I thought this was the highlight of the conference.

  50. Amazing presentation and inspiring message!! Thank you for sharing! I'm looking forward to seeing your creation from our fabulous artwork! 😉

  51. You were so impressive and I enjoyed your art and your time! 

  52. I LOVED IT!!!

  53. Best keynote of conference. Wonderful, thought provoking and meaningful. Thank you

Management Association

No direct audience feedback requested.

Quote from meeting planner 

Phil delivered a truly memorable and engaging keynote to attendees, receiving a 96% approval rating from attendees! Responses submitted in the session survey included, "Excellent! Thought provoking, pushes creativity", "This was phenomenal and by far the best session of the conference", "A++++", "Best session I have ever attended. Thank you!!"


Advocacy Association

Phil was amazing! His message spoke directly to our audience, got them engaged, and helped us produce a memorable piece of art that really speaks to who we are as a community.

  1. You gave me goosebumps, I was truly inspired to not let my limitations limit my possibilities. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing your artwork tomorrow.

  2. Such a great presentation, and very thought provoking. Loved the comment “is it truly a limitation, or a self limiting” Wow! 

  3. You are such a talented and amazing artist, and an inspirational speaker. Thank you

  4. Hi enjoyed your presentation.  My being here is because I'm at a crossroads in my career and am looking for some spark of what I want to do with my career and can relate to the concept of self limiting. Thank you.

  5. You were wonderful and such an inspiration! Very wise!

  6. Extremely inspiring! So much talent!

  7. It was fantastic! You are inspirational! Truly amazing creative mind!

  8. Wonderful. Found it very inspirational. Will definitely. Use when I get back With highlights.

  9. Absolutely awesome.  Your presentation was so thought provoking but entertaining as well.  You are a remarkable artists!!!

  10. Very cool stuff

  11. What a delightful performance. Such a great lesson in mindfulness.

  12. You were excellent! Loved the art project!

  13. Loved the presentation ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. It was great! I'm excited to share with my team but also my teenage son! Great mix of presentation, media and interaction

  15. I loved it!

  16. I enjoyed it very much it was very informative and made me think about life in a different way

  17. It was a truly inspiring story and experience! Thank you for sharing your limitations with us. Sometimes when you face an obstacle it's easy to think you're alone. But we are never alone! Impossible = I'm possible 😊

  18. Absolutely LOVED the presentation!   Very inspirational!  And I love your art 💕

  19. Great keynote and opener to our conference. Also great challenge for us to look inward before seeking to impact external constraints of which there are plenty…

  20. You are an amazing, inspiring leader, rivaled only by your immense talent for creative works. Words fall  short in expressing my gratitude for sharing your many gifts with us today. 🤗 💛

  21. Wonderful session. In addition to being a very unique artist, you are an outstanding public speaker and presenter.

  22. I loved the presentation. Very engaging

  23. Amazing vision!

  24. Incredible!!! Inspiring and thought provoking! One of the best keynotes I've ever heard

  25. Awesome Presentation...full of life lessons! Thank you…

  26. It was great. You had my attention the entire time

  27. Really enjoyed the presentation. Good pace & very interesting. Will challenge myself to take a different approach to challenges.

  28. Loved the presentation!

  29. Oh, I have been talking about you and your amazing presentation. You're amazing!

  30. How beautiful! I'm looking forward to finding the pieces I did. You are captivating and engaging.! Thank you for this.

  31. It was a great presentation!! It really connected with how I try to do my job.. Thank you for sharing it!

  32. I thought the presentation was amazing, interactive and entertaining

  33. Your creativity is amazing and message was inspirational and hit home with me. I spent last night thinking of so many self- imposed limitations I have based on my life experiences and influences. Your message is one that needs to continue to be shared with as many people as possible. Thank you for being the catalyst for my self-reflection!

  34. Good morning! Thank you for your thought provoking keynote. I look forward to seeing the final piece of artwork today.

  35. You're amazing.  I'm on the staff and loved your presentation.  Have to tell you that before I came to Chicago yesterday, our pastor at southeast Christian church in Louisville started his lesson talking about his favorite artist, Phil Hansen, illustrating a point about "divine detours" in our lives.  Wanted to share.  😍

  36. Loved your presentation today- your story and Sarah's that you shared are truly inspiring!

  37. Great presentation.  Very enlightening.  Limitations vs. Self limiting belief really resonated with me.  Will seize the limitation going forward.  Thank you very much!

  38. I loved your presentation! You have a great story and shared it in an impactful way. What a great fit with our conference theme- possibility unleashed ! Your art is impressive- I'm glad you found how to embrace the shake!

  39. Presentation was wonderful.  The engagement activities were stimulating and the message was pertinent and powerful.  I was very intrigued by the video art explanations and how well they were timed with your comments.

  40. I think that I can speak for everyone when I say you have a beautiful spirit and are talented beyond belief. We are so touched by you. Thank you.

  41. I've seen your work before and to watch you talk about your passion then sharing it with us was incredible! It helped me frame what I can do to support others in embracing the limitation

  42. Very enjoyable, loved the interactive parts and seeing your art work.  Also a great message. 👍

  43. Oh my goodness, Phil, your presentation was absolutely remarkable. More than anything with the art - to me was the way in which your mind works. It was very attractive to see that kind of creative ability coming through and developing into the place you're taking it. I love the out-of-the-box thinking. I love the way that you put up barriers for yourself and the amazing outcomes. Not only are you a role model for others who have barriers you are truly an inspiration about the degree in which you avail yourself to breaking down intentional barriers and where you can take your gift. Truly remarkable my friend

Risk Management Group

From the President: "We were thrilled with your presentation. Your art is so thoughtful and contemplative that the message is powerful. The art giveaway was an unexpected fabulous gesture. Keep doing what you do!" 

1. I think your presentation was awesome if my little girl could've seen it she would've been fascinated she loves art

2. Really enjoyed it. Appreciate your amazing talents.

3. Excellent. Creating what I want has been very helpful in my career. At the same time it may now be my down fall or as you pointed out, my new beginning. A very important conversation. Peter.

4. Thanks Phil! Loved the talk and the art. Do you have any art you send to elementary schools for their art classes? My children's school would really benefit from this art and the unique perspective!

5. Great talk, Phil. Often seeing a keynote's bio one wonders how the talk will integrate with the risk management discipline. Your presentation wonderfully presented the concept of resource limitations being a reality, but solutions are still available if we discard limiting beliefs. Thank you for your enlightening perspectives!

6. Excellent, informative, inspirational and super dynamic presentation today at our PARMA Conference!! Thank you Phil!

7. Thank you for the inspiration to think bigger

8. Very inspirational. Kudos to you for your insight to change your perspective yet still pursue your passion for art. Good luck to you.

9. I enjoyed your presentation this morning. Very inspiring.

10. I was able to walk away with the following awesome nuggets: Think outside the box but work within the box "It isn't the mountain ahead to climb that wears you our it's the pebble in your shoe." Muhammad Ali Identify the obstacles in your life and work on a solution to work around and through them. Embrace then limitations in your life. Seize the limitation. Great job Phil!

11. Awesome- our coe is involved in an initiative with significant engagement with native Americans. Any chance to get a copy of the large artwork you gave away if there are extras

12. I really enjoyed it. You were not the typical speaker. Very inspiring and enlightening.

13. Truly. TRULY. Enjoyed it.

14. Very inspiring. As the father of a daughter who is an artist (graphic designer) and another daughter who is a veterinary student who also has Trichotillomania, I found the presentation very personal

15. Hi, Phil here! Here's the link to the PDF. Hope it proves helpful in some way.

16. I enjoyed and appreciated your talk very much. The use of photos, video and live presentations of your art was perfectly utilized. After the presentation I was actually inspired to quickly outline a management presentation I may give at some point in the future. The only thing that would have made the presentation any better for me would have been to be able to secure a piece of your art. I don't think the giveaways could have been different unless you were will to giveaway 750 pieces of your art for free. Thanks for sharing your story and triumphs

17. I really enjoyed your talk and your message! I look forward to moving past my self limiting beliefs.

18. Great. Very useful in these challenging times. 👍

19. Amazing!!!

20. Thank you Phil, resizing moments of change, 2 minutes walking out the door after your talk was a message from my mom looking for help from 30 minutes before now finding out she was having a heart attack. Life is fluent, your talk and art helps give perspective when needed confronting big things or navigating through moments.

21. I thought it was great. I attend a lot of conferences and am a bit tired of the "overcoming adversity" theme, but this was different. I really enjoyed the true focus on the ways in which you could shift your focus to a more productive effort. And especially the recognition of actual limitations that exist without having to be limited by them. Really well done!

22. Excellent and inspiring

23. Awesome presentation! Your talent and ability to translate it into help for others is inspiring, THANKS!

24. I really enjoyed your talk. It was very applicable and interesting. Never knew you could make art from chewed up food. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which took 3 years for doctors to figure out. So I am trying to maneuver life being 52 years old with a 6 and 14 year old. So thanks for the talk. Loved the art. Connie

25. Kudos! Great job! Only takeaway bad cell service.

26. Loved your presentation and Art! Wish o would have won!

27. I appreciated the analysis of limitations especially those we place on ourselves. Very inspiring and informative.

28. I love the talk; I truly would love the I the greatest photo for my dad who is the biggest Ali fan.❤️

29. Inspirational message! Your delivery kept us engaged and all of the clips and stories were thoughtful. I got one of the large posters and I'm so excited to get it up in my house. In gratitude, Amy

30. It was great. Very motivational.

31. Great presentation overcoming obstacles.

32. I thought you speech was inspirational and I loved the art. I was lucky enough to snag a poster my husbands 5th grade class will love it

33. Refreshing and engaging. A departure from typical " business inspirational".

34. Wonderful experience! Unforgettable. Left with some great insight.

35. Fantastic! Great delivery. I'll definitely be checking out your artwork after today's exhibits

36. Great presentation-the artwork u create is awesome-but even better is the thinking u display to put abstract ideas into action -great reminder that the Brain is a muscle that needs exercise (:

37. I have to say you're one of the best presenters I've ever heard and I attend a lot of conferences! Really inspired and you truly have a gift!

38. I go to a lot of conferences and hear a lot of speakers. Your talk by far was the best one yet. I appreciate your perspective and the fact you are trying to have the group walk away with some type of meaning or learning. Your talk was very much appreciated. The art give away was slow very generous. Thank you. Ross

39. It was so great! My sister has seen you before, my husband had seen you before and so when he told he you were speaking today I jumped at the chance to come too. Your presentation was inspiring and motivating and you are SO talented!! Thanks for sharing those talents with us!

40. Really enjoyed your talk. Your talent is unbelievable.

41. Dear Phil, I enjoyed your speech tremendously! You are an incredible human being! Thank you for your art! Extremely inspiring! Please, DO NOT STOP!!!

42. Really engaging presentation, and good food for thought!

43. I really enjoyed your presentation it was very motivational!

44. I found your story and artwork fascinating! Wish I would have been one of the recipients of your giveaway;-) Great job!

45. Great presentation. Very entertaining and good message.

46. Amazing presentation today. Thanks for sharing your passion and life lessons.

47. It was a very interesting topic. I enjoyed the story and insight and art. Wonderful. You are a talent.

48. It was amazing, one of the best keynotes I've been to in a while. Excellent work!

49. Great presentation. Applicable to all disciplines

50. Very unique, interesting, and inspiring! Your art is incredible!

51. The talk was great. It was interesting to see how you overcame the obstacle that was preventing you from continuing to paint. Your ability to change how you viewed painting and changes you made to continue will encourage others also to think outside the box to pursue a goal when something happens that may end that dream

52. Hi Phil! Awesome presentation! I loved how you weaved your story into an inspiring message. The art, the drama, the stories were intense and passionate. You gave it with calm confidence but with tenderness, expectation and encouragement. I loved the spiritual application. The person and their story is a work of art ready for exploration and exhibition even for just once. Disappointed I didn't get a poster, but your inspiration will stay with me a long time. Loved, loved, loved it. May you inspire many to greater heights and greater love, and may you feel the love of the One who gave you this special gift.

53. It was a great talk. You are a very talented artist snd quite motivating to not let your "disability " take over your life but rather you take over your "disability " and bring positivity to a lot of young people.

54. I truly enjoyed your speech and am so glad to see you found an alternative method to creating art, you are a wonderful artist. When you spoke about limitations and self limiting beliefs, it hit home with myself and my 2 adult sons who are still finding their way. I cant wait to share your words with them in hope's they will look at their situations in a different light. Thank you!

55. I really enjoyed your presentation this morning! Thanks for sharing your work and showing us your artistic talents!

56. I loved it.

57. Great job as a speaker and very talented artist!

58. It was terrific and inspiring. Thanks for changing my outlook and perspective in order to be an over comer! Great job Phil!

59. As a thinker out of the box (that I try to be) you are a guru! Really appreciate the doors that you opened in my mind.

60. Really enjoyed it. Appreciate your amazing talents.

61. I thought your presentation was fantastic! I'll be recommending to the city manager we bring you in for one of our quarterly manager's meetings.

62. To watch you touched me at the core. My mom just passed, she was an artist and art consultant to the Oxnard SD. At 95 she still loved and like you lives art deep in her sole. Your passion reminded me of her and brought joy to my heart. So Thanks!

Financial Services Company - Client included the art experience

1. I found your presentation to be truly amazing. I am so impressed with your artistic ability. You are so creative. It caused to me to really stop and think about my obstacles. You asked us to write it on a tiny piece of paper and that was hard for me. I wrote down self-doubt, but my wife says I am the most confident person she knows. I still feel a lot of self doubt, but maybe I do a good job of hiding it. I am sure I have other obstacles and now I look forward to finding those and embracing them. Thanks.

2. Phil, Really enjoyed the session. I passed on to my family that we need to view roadblocks/walls/limitations as opportunities to be creative and embrace change. Thanks for sharing.

3. Phil, I enjoyed your presentation and the interactive art project was unique. I would like to have heard more about the personal emotional toll and how you paid the bills during your evolution triggered by your "limitation." The crisis and survival skills. You're very cool and so is your art

4. Awesome and inspiring! I call your talk: Making Lemons into Lemonade! Thank you

5. Awesome presentation and amazing creativity thank you

6. I think your foresight on your art is simply amazing and ingenious. I truly am awed in your ability to be able to visualize your final result while starting so far away from it.Your presentation was fantastic and the videos were crazy to watch

7. Hi! I'm a middle school teacher... I loved your presentation and I'd like to share your video with my students.

8. You were excellent and brought it all together nicely. Flowed very well and kept me engaged. Art is soectacular and your talent is unique.

9. Fantastic message and incredible presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

10. Thank you for your inspirational talk. The advice to step back and change your perspective is priceless. My daughters are artists and it amazes me how they can see the vision even before the start. The karate chop video was that same way to me. Great talk and message about perspective and fragments making something bigger.

11. I think you did a great job. You have God given talent. Continue to use it to make a difference!!! Change people's lives!

12. Hi Phil, I have followed your website in your artistry for a decade? I don't even remember where I first heard of your art, but LOVE it. In a laptop crash, I lost the website and touch with your artistry. As you started talking, I thought to myself "wow your story sounds really familiar…" only to realize I knew your art. Your story is stunning and beautifully redemptive. Having a part of one of your pieces, and being able to create art "with" you have been a truly memorable experience. You did a wonderful job presenting- mixing both your own story along with the videos of your art and the stories of others who have been impacted by you. We as adults don't always have an opportunity to do something we are not great at...and then have someone laugh with us in the process and then make beauty out of our mediocre-ness. So appreciate you- your story and your art. I look forward to watch what amazing things you do as you expand your platform.

13. Thank you Phil. I was totally impressed and inspired by your talk. I have seen so many crippled by self limitations. I must confess that I also find myself lamenting all the ways in which I failed. But as you say, the perceived limitations are only an opportunity to be more creative. So Thank You for reminding me .... "Why not Me!"

14. It was amazing a powerful. You blow my mind.

15. I love the connection/ analogy you made on the day you presented the final artwork. That part where you focused so closely on the individual pictures and then as you pull back you see the complete work . Like our day to day actions and how they seem insignificant then you " pull back" and look at your life's work and see the " big picture". That resonated with me

16. Awesome motivation and inspiration about overcoming obstacles. I found your view on life and art amazing as well. Fantastic work

17. I found your presentation to be both interesting and inspiring...keep doing what you're doing

18. I found you motivational, your art to be unique, spectacular and inspiring. Engaging and bringing the audiences into your talk as well as our attempts at art to life, was something that I will always remember and I have already shared with so many people.

Association  - Client included the art experience

1. You were fascinating. ☺️ and incredibly talented.

2. Thank you for the presentation and showing us your passion for art! It was really interesting to see through your eyes how much possibility is out there to create and overcome. I felt lighthearted and inspired to try and bring some of my limitations to light and see exactly what I can do to get passed them. You're time was much appreciated :) I hope you have a very lovely day!

3. Your talk yesterday was very inspiring. I was lucky enough to grab one of your connect the dots. Bummed you had to leave early but completely understand. You opened my mind to really look at the big picture and what I want that picture to be. Thank you!

4. It was very inspiring and you are a VERY talented person!

Credit Union

1. You were fascinating. ☺️ and incredibly talented.

2. Thank you for the presentation and showing us your passion for art! It was really interesting to see through your eyes how much possibility is out there to create and overcome. I felt lighthearted and inspired to try and bring some of my limitations to light and see exactly what I can do to get passed them. You're time was much appreciated :) I hope you have a very lovely day!

3. Your talk yesterday was very inspiring. I was lucky enough to grab one of your connect the dots. Bummed you had to leave early but completely understand. You opened my mind to really look at the big picture and what I want that picture to be. Thank you!

4. It was very inspiring and you are a VERY talented person!

Financial Services Company

1. Absolutely mind opening, refreshing and brilliant. Thank you!

2.Phil, your presentation spoke to me. When you put up the slide, "limitation vs self limiting belief", I felt that opened up my eyes. That's life right there in one slide, in 4 words. ☝️ I also downloaded your pdf. I look forward to using that on the daily. God bless. Thank you for sharing your story.

3. Your talk was incredible and inspiring. In truth, there is no limit to what anyone can do if they will believe in themself and shake off their self-imposed limitations. That includes creating art. Just a matter of trusting one's instincts and practicing spontaneous creation. Practice! My 14 year-old son is battling muscular dystrophy, a terminal disease, yet he makes straight A's in school, plays synthesizer in his school marching band, plays clarinet in the school wind symphony, solos in the school choir, excels in school business society competitions, does drawing and art, does theater, can style his mother and sister's hair, and can write fantastic fiction. A real testament to destroying self-limitation.

4. Thanks Phil, your talk was motivating and entertaining! Perfect way to end our meetings. Thank you, your so talented!

5. It was great! You are so talented!

6. Amazing presentation! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your art!!

7. Loved the talk, the videos and the message.

8. My second Phil Hansen experience and what a treat! Very relevant, inspiring and thought-provoking. A fresh perspective on the power of the mind and harnessing limitations in order to spark creativity!

9. Phil your talk today reminded me that change works and pushes you to decide how you will embrace it: let it limit you or let it test your limits. I noticed you used different ethnic groups in your art, what drives you to be stretch your imagination of focal points?

10. Hi Phil, it was good to be reminded that we should see past our limitations and that what we see as limitations can be great opportunities. I think that we all forget that in our day-to-day struggles. Thanks for coming to talk to us

11. Phil, enjoyed the talk. Keep creating and destroying.

12. Very inspiring speech! You are a very talented artist and I enjoyed your work. Bummed I didnt win a poster!

13. Truly inspiring!

14. Awesome and inspiring. I wish my 26 year old daughter could have seen you speak today.

15. Phil, thank you for the motivating presentation. I could have been one of the 1,000 you interviewed. See I lost my wife to cancer a few years ago and was left to raise two teenage by myself. Doing that while holding down a very demanding corporate job has brought me to my knees. I've lived in the why me world for awhile. I'm also a woodworker and one of my daughters is an artist, so seeing your work was a treat. Those joys have been a great outlet for us. Are the posters you had available for sale on Amazon? Thank you

16. Inspiring and much needed based on our recent organizational changes

17.Thank you for taking the time to share with us today. You were gracious enough after your time to speak with me about my teenage son and his interest in art, and your advice was truly helpful. You have an amazing talent and thank you for sharing it with us!

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